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History of Ross and Co

Ross and Co is located within the Brisbane Market and is one of the largest wholesalers. The success of Ross and Co is based on a combination of customer service and a wide range of quality fruits and vegetables which satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers. These include independents, secondary wholesalers and major retail chains. The directors of the company are Andrew Caltabiano, John Misuraca and Alex Lazarou.

The catalyst behind Ross and Co is Andrew Caltabiano (pictured left). The group's foundations were laid in 1961 when Andrew, a citrus grower from Griffith, moved to Orange and formed the M.I.A. Fruit Market Pty Ltd. This was a fully-fledged wholesaling operation within a short period of time. Its primary service was to move produce to and from the Sydney Markets. In 1968 it was amalgamated with the All States Foods Ltd group. After continuing to manage the M.I.A. Fruit Market until 1971, Andrew started operating the All States Providores in the Haymarket area of Sydney. In 1975 the company moved to Flemington a move which saw its rapid growth. In 1986 the company was bought out by Andrew Caltabiano's family company and the name changed to All States Food Services Pty Ltd. Andrew sold All States Food Services Pty Ltd in 1999.

Andrew Caltabiano is very involved in the fresh produce industry and is associated with a number of industry associations.

Ross and Co Fruit and Vegetables Pty Ltd,
Consignment 14, Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers,
Stand 17,18 and 19, Block "B"
Brisbane Markets, Sherwood Road, Rocklea, QLD 4106
Phone: 07 3379 3043 Fax: 07 3379 4134

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